What Size Ladder For 2 Story House?

Ladders come in different size and load ratings. In general, ladders sizes vary from two to forty feet.

Having a suitable type and right size ladder gives you greater flexibility and comfort while working. So, it’s essential to choose a ladder wisely by thinking about the sites and home you work on.

“What size ladder do I need”- it’s a common asking of many people when they require buying a ladder. Selecting a ladder for one story home is not very hard. You can assess your height and ceiling height and make a purchase accordingly.

But, the problem arises in choosing the right ladder for a 2-story house. If you have a multiple story (2 story or more) house, a single extension ladder will not perfect to do the jobs.

While purchasing a ladder, one question that may come in your mind is what size ladder for 2 story house is suitable?

Read more below and learn more about what size ladder will be perfect for your 2 story house.

What You Need to Know About Ladder sizes

What Size Ladder for 2 Story House

First of all, you have to consider the safety when deciding on the length of your ladder. 


 The maximum working height is less than the overall length of the ladder. If you set it up an angle, it will reduce its working height too.

How To Calculate The Length Of A Ladder (Extension & Step Ladder) To Reach A Certain Height

Extension Ladder Sizing

In general, it’s not recommended to step on the top three caps/ rungs of an extension ladder.

Consider the following factors to calculate the length of a ladder to reach a certain height.

  • Extension ladders feature an overlap which is not shown in the nominal length.
  • You have to set up the ladder at a tilt position (4:1 pitch / 75-degrees)
  • You have to avoid standing on the top few rungs.
standing on the top few rungs.

Following is a list of extension ladder lengths and the associated maximum working heights.

Ladder Height

Height to top support point

The maximum working ladder length

Highest standing level




9' 2"




13' 1"




16' 11"




20' 10"




24' 8"




27' 7"




30' 6'

The maximum working length is less than the total ladder length. The reason is the overlap of extension ladder sections.

For an extension ladder, the highest standing level is 4 rungs down from the top.

Stepladder Sizing

In general, it’s not recommended to step on the top cap of a stepladder.

The maximum safe reaching height of a step ladder is 4-ft higher than the height of the ladder. For example, if the height of the ceiling is 8 ft., a person can safely reach that on a 4-ft. ladder.

For a step ladder, the safe standing level is 2 steps down from the top.

standing level

Following is a list of step ladder lengths and the associated maximum working heights

Max. height to reach

Which size ladder to buy

Highest standing level
(two steps down from the top)






1' 11"



2' 10"



3' 10"



4' 9"



5' 8"



7' 7"



9' 6"



11' 5"



13' 4"

Usually, to asses what size ladder for 1 story house, it’s considered that the roof line of a single story house is 17 feet from the ground.

To asses what size ladder is right for a 2 story house, you should be technical in doing so.

How Tall Is A Two Story House

It’s considered that the roof line of a 2 story house is 25 feet from the ground. For a 2 story house, you should opt for extension ladders instead of step or a platform ladder.

Let’s have a try to one formula.

What Size Ladder For 2 Story House

For the extension ladder, it’s not getting the ladder length to match the maximum height you need to reach. For jobs like roofing You’ll need some extra length to cover the section that will extend beyond the gutter height.

What size Ladder for 2 story house

Follow the steps.

Step: 1

Measure the actual height of the roofline (Suppose, it’s 25ft. )

Measure the desired overhang (Suppose, it’s 2 ft.)

Measure the desired pitch (suppose, it’s 5 ft. from the house)

Actual Height (AH)+ Desired Overhang (DO) + Desired Pitch (DP)

So, 25+2+5= 32

Step 2: 

  Go for the ladder with an actual fully extended length of 32 ft. or greater.

Extension ladders should be 6 to 10 ft. longer than the contact point (wall or roof line).

However, if you don’t have a plan to reach on the roof, a 24-ft. ladder will work fine to get the eaves of a 2 story house for cleaning window or painting.

Louisville FE3228-E03, 28 Feet, 300 Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Extension Ladder is a perfect choice as a 2 story ladder. Moreover, if you’re looking to take care of the bigger jobs that need to accomplish around the outside and inside of a home, this ladder can be an excellent choice.

To find out more read our review of Top 10 Best Extension Ladder

Thanks for reading our article on the What Size Ladder for 2 Story House. Hope you find it helpful.

What Is a House Height & How to Measure?

Suppose you want to calculate the height of a house; you have to measure from the ground floor to the highest peak of the rooftop.

You have to count that in meters; on the other hand, you have to take one floor to another floor upwards to measure the height of each story.

However, the thickness of the floor level is also included in this procedure; anyway, you have to have all the preparation before you start the process.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

# What are the factors that affect the height of a house?

The height of any house varies. You need to consider climate characteristics, house construction area, energy-saving factor and construction budget affect the height of a house.

# For painting the exterior wall of a one-story house, how tall ladder do I need?

A one-story house is typically considered to be 8 to 10 feet height. So, for painting, you’ll need to reach roughly 10 ft.

# What is the actual height a ladder reach?

The height listed/ printed on the ladder label isn’t the actual height that you can reach with it. The stated height of the ladder simply refers to how long the ladder is. Once you lean it against the wall, the reach will be less. Additionally, you shouldn’t stand on the first three top step/ rung of the ladder. So, if your selected ladder height is 24 feet, your maximum reach will be 1 to 3 feet less that than the ladders listed height.

# Can I lean an extension ladder against gutter?

In general, you can lean a ladder against a gutter. But make sure the guttering can with stand the force of a ladder once leaned against it. If you lean an extension ladder on the gutter, it may scratch the finish of the gutters.

# What is the maximum height I can work from a ladder?

There is no maximum height that you can work from a ladder. However, if the rises 9 meters or more above its base, the rest platform or landing area must be provided at perfect intervals. 

How Can I Calculate a Building Height Except for a Ladder?

You can rely on laser light or similar things that can prevent you from climbing the building; that may not be accurate, but it will lower risks.

Which Ladder Is Perfect for Measuring a Two Story House?

An extension ladder would be good for you if you want to climb the ladder, and measure a two-story building. An extension ladder can go up to the roof of a standard 3 storied building.

How Tall Would a 2 Storied Building Be?

A two-storied building is approximately 20 feet tall; that is the standard or average size of buildings in every country.

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