The Ladder Brands- A Useful Guide

Ladder Brands

If you’re on the searching of the best ladder, you must learn that numerous brands are offering their ladders in the market. But remember, not all ladders come with satisfactory quality.

So, what’s the best ladder brand?

The 10 ladder brands that you must keep an eye out next time you’re browsing for ladders are-

Overview of the 10 Ladder Brands

#1. Bailey Ladder- Australia's #1 Ladder Brand

Bailey is an Australian company well known for making domestic and commercial ladders. It has over 60 years track record of making premium-quality ladder. Bailey ladders are not only high-quality and durable but also ergonomic.

Bailey’s extension ladders are simple to use and easy to carry. Their extension ladders have made them the top-selling ladder brand in Australia. What’s more, Bailey offers step ladders for different types of jobs.

#2. Ladamax - The world’s safest ladders brand

Ladamax is a well-known Australians company for producing the safest ladders. They create a range of high-quality safety products including ladders. Their ladders are best for professionals seeking the ultimate in height safety. 

When it comes to buying lightweight yet heavy-duty ladders, Ladamax is the first choice. Ladamax ladders ensure maximum safety for users. All the ladders of this brand are stress tested to 150kg as per the AS 1892 safety standard.

Remarkably, Ladamax is proudly manufacturing their ladders with ZERO CLAIMS in 18 years.

#3. Gorilla Ladders- Well-known brand for combining high quality with low prices

Gorilla is a very popular brand among residential and commercial customers. This brand has a reputation for offering high-quality ladders at economical prices. Their fiberglass extension ladders are extremely popular for portability and durability.

#4. Little Giant Ladders- the best ladder brand in the world

Little Giant company was established by Harols Wing about 30 years ago. It’s one of the best brands around for its most versatile climbing equipment in the world. All Little Giants ladders are well known for durability, comfortability, and versatility.

Their ladders are quite unique offering outstanding quality. Little Giants multi-position ladders are best-known in the industry. You can set up their ladders in different positions to suit your task.

Little Giant ladders feature wide rungs, and they feel nice and sturdy when you’re on one. Little Giant 14013-001 ladder is one of the best multi-use ladder on the market.

The only downside of Little Giant ladders is they're expensive. But their premium quality is reflected in higher prices.

#5. Indalex Ladders- Australia's most reliable and durable Ladders Brand

Indalex is one of the premium Australian ladder manufacturers. This company offers a range of domestic ladders and standard ladders for tradespeople. They also produce heavy-duty industrial ladders for professionals.

Their ladders are designed to meet customers changing needs and desires. Indalex ladders meet or exceed the AS/NZS Standards. All the ladders of this brand are built to last.

#6. Werner Ladders- A leading Brand worldwide

Werner is a leading brand for manufacturing ladders, and ladder accessories. This company has more than six decades of experience in the ladder industry. Professionals use and trust Werner ladders.

Werner ladder design incorporates state-of-the-art technology. They offer a complete line of the domestic and commercial ladder. Werner manufactures from step ladders for home use to professional ladders for tradespeople.

Werner Stepladders are the most popular ladder style. They are available in several styles: A-frame, single side, twin, and platform. Werner MT-22 and Werner MT-26 Telescoping Multi-Ladder are two top recommended ladders.

What’s more, Werner includes a handy ladder finder tool on their website. It'll help you select the right ladder for your domestic needs.

#7. Louisville Ladder- A widely renowned brand in the Professional Channel

Louisville is one of the largest manufacturers of ladders throughout North America. Founded in 1946, this company is owned by Mexican corporation Grupo Cuprum. Since then, their ladders have been the leader in the ladder manufacturing industry.

Louisville produces fiberglass and aluminum ladders, extension -, step-, and attic ladders. Their ladders are high-quality and durable. Louisville ladders are perfect for industrial, construction and everyday uses. Their FE3228-E03 Fiberglass Ladder has a very impressive size and the weight capacity.

#8. Keller Ladder- A leading brand for light-duty manufacturing ladder

Keller is a sub-brand of Werner. Werner purchased this company in 1999. Keller brand is a leading choice for ladders perfect for home use, and light construction work. Keller offers extension ladders, step ladders, multi ladders, and step stools.

#9. Green Bull Ladder- Exclusive brand name to the professional

In May 2008, Green Bull became a member of Werner Brands. Since then, Green Bull achieved the scope of applying Werner’s superior ladder manufacturing techniques.

Their ladders are designed for professional contractors. They offer high-quality aluminum and fiberglass step-, extension-, and warehouse ladders. They continue their production as the brand exclusive to the professional ladder market. Green Bull is committed to satisfying its customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations.

#10. Babcock Ladder Brand- A leading Brand for wood ladders

Babcock is a prominent brand name for manufacturing high-quality, safe wood ladders. Their ladders are produced in Bath, New York. They use only the finest lumber in making their ladders. Skilled craftsmen make utility ladders, stepladders, wooden extension ladders- all. Babcock ladders are also available with many styles.

Summing Up

Constructions work or just to reach high places- to get the job done right you need the best ladder possible.

No matter for domestic or professional use, these 10 ladder brands offer you the right ladder to help you get the job done safely.

Consider your needs, choose the best brand and pick the right ladder!

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