How To Put A Ladder on A Sloped Roof Excluding Any Mishap?

When it comes to working over an asphalt roof, things are tricky and dangerous all at the same time. Setting up the ladder on such a roof is like standing on one leg. You never know when you’ll lose the balance and slip. However, by applying some cautions and know-hows you can handle the session of working on such roofs pretty safely.

Here are some of my thoughts on how to put a ladder on a sloped roof without inviting any mishap at home.

How to Put A Ladder on A Sloped Roof

We’ll talk about every section that needs your attention to this discussion. Starting from understanding why is it so hard to work with a ladder on a sloped roof to the right placement that will make this entire task a safe matter. Let’s get into it!

Understanding the Hardness of Putting Ladder on Sloped Roof.

Placing a regular ladder on any flat or normal roof is never an issue that anybody would think about as a danger. Why? Simply because it’s flat. Even if accidents are never guessable and it might appear with flat roofs, chances are relatively less. 

Now with a sloped roof, you are standing on a surface that is steep. And to make the whole thing even depressing, you are using a ladder as well. Clearly, the whole situation demands to secure and stabilize the ladder as safely as possible. Because if the ladder decides to betray you, game is over.

To understand the stabilization of your ladder, focus on how steep your roof is. The more sloped it is, the higher chances of difficulty will appear to allow your ladder to stay straight. And so, you need some help with getting the ladder on sloped roofs.

Pivit Ladder Tool Will Help in Creating Your Base

To use the ladder on a steep shingle roof, Pivit ladder tool is what you need. This tool helps to get you a stable and level base for making the ladder stand safely on a slanted surface. This tool basically uses a rubber lining. This helps to get traction for shingled roofs. And eventually, you get some security for the shingles. For asphalt roofs, it’s best to stick with a self-leveling feet ladder.

Roof Boot to Work as A Stopper

This is basically a metal tool. It’s drilled into your roof for working as a stopper for the ladder’s base. On the apex of your house, simply lay ladder’s ridge hook. And then you can decide where to place the roof boot. 

Use some long nails and simply hammer them in roof boot. This is to attach the ladder’s bottom rung with it strongly. Along with the pivit ladder tool, a roof boot can be excellent conjunction to use. So that you have the complete protection to avoid sliding ladders and any sort of roof damage.

Stabilizing the Ladder Safely.

Let’s go a bit deep at this point and talk about the actual method that will help you to stabilize your ladder with a sloped roof.

Your All Necessary Materials Are with You

First, start with bringing all the tools along with you. These are materials you are going to use above the ladder. It’s best to gather these all together and not leave anything behind. You won’t have many chances to keep going back and forth for tools missed out. So, pay attention to bringing all your necessary gears along.

Setting the Pivit.

Now that you are set with your tools, time to place the ladder. First, determine where the ladder’s bottom leg would rest. Here you will put Pivit and that will start the setup process. If you are still worried about the ladder slipping, do one thing. Add some gripper simply at the Pivit’s bottom part. This will help to avoid such worries to a good extent. As soon as the tool is in its right place, time to set ladder at your preferable angle.

Do This Under Someone’s Watching?

So now you are all set with placing ladder securely above the roof. But still, it’s not yet completely secure and there are some chances always left of causing an accident. So, the last thing to make sure of is getting someone’s watch over you while actual task. Especially if it is absolutely the first time of you trying something like this.

The other helping person can also hold ladder to keep balance right. You will also feel a lot more assured and confident about that.

Some Safety Concerns to Care About.

There are several types of ladders available these days. Since you’ll be doing something very daring, it’s best to pick a ladder that comes with robust construction. A heavy ladder is way better at holding your weight properly and also being steady enough to cause less chance of mishaps.

Don’t try to sit or be in a less aware position when on the ladder. You should be well aware that you’re not completely in a stabilized position.

Never ever climb with another person on one ladder at the same time. This isn’t even recommended for a flat surface ladder work.

Wear a sturdy helmet, just in case you hurt yourself. Also, be properly attired with sturdy working boots and gloves if possible.

The spot where you will place ladder needs to be dry and free from ice, snow, or mud.

When climbing up or down, make sure to face the ladder. Use your hands to grab it properly and don’t lose both holds at the same time.

Why Is It Challenging to Put a Ladder on a Sloped Roof?

A ladder's base can't stand still on a sloped surface as it does on a flat area; the base of the ladder keeps moving all the time, making it difficult to set.

Moreover, a sloped surface is sometimes slippery; therefore, it sometimes becomes impossible to fix. It becomes risky to climb the ladder even if you somehow set the base with something.

Safety Tips 

  • Make sure the locks on the extension are properly engaged before going up the equipment.
  • Inspect if their any power line overhead before climbing a ladder.
  • If possible, use a harness to keep yourself steady on the roof.
  • Never put metal shingles on a ladder as it will damage the shingles and very dangerous.
  • Inspect the roof's frame before putting your ladder, as the weight will transfer. And if the frame is not stable, it might cause an accident.
  • Always use a Pivit tool to put the ladder on a slippery surface such as – slate tiles. Moreover, you can also use the harness for an extra safety measure.
  • Inspect the ladder before putting it on a frame or surface for broken feet or loose rungs.
  • Do not lean backward or sideways while climbing, as it will make you lose your balance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Possible to Find a Slope Roof?

Yes, it is possible. You can take the help of a sturdy extension ladder & check if the ladder stands well or slips; if it is not stable even after taking something to stick the ladder.

How do you stabilize a ladder on a hill?

Working on a hill will not be easy as the surface is uneven and also slippery. In that case, the best option is to have someone hold the ladder as you climb.

Moreover, you should shift your weight from one leg to another, and it will help stabilize the ladder.

How do you protect shingles from ladders?

First of all, you should not put your ladder on shingles without any protection. However, you can use a ladder stabilizer to protect your shingle or gutter. It will stabilize the ladder without leaning or putting any weight on the shingles.

At what angle should a ladder be set when against a vertical wall?

A proper angle between the ladder and the roof gives maximum stability while working.

Try to keep the bottom of the ladder should be one-quarter ladder length away from the wall. It will create an angle at which the ladder will provide maximum stability.

What is the most common cause of ladder accidents?

When you are working on a ladder, you are few feet above the ground, which enough to cause damage to your body. However, the most common reason for ladder accidents is human errors.

For example – manufacturing defect, not wearing proper safety gears, not using a harness while working on higher places, not putting your ladder on an even surface, and also not properly checking if the ladder is good for working.

Which Tool Do You Need to Secure the Ladder?

The pivot tool system in the ladder works well because it helps a ladder set on a rooftop, no matter what type of roof you have got.

How Would You Put a Ladder on a Slope?

You have to extend the ladder as much as you can, and lean the top at the building's safe place where you can climb and hold.

Can You Climb the Ladder on a Slope Roof?

You have to take someone's help besides fitting pivot tools because the tools can slightly resist the slope displacement, but it needs someone to hold for standing still.


Learning how to put a ladder on a sloped roof isn’t really a thing you can completely do without trying at least once. With experience comes knowledge and it’s probably the same with such conditions. As a person who has never tried it before, just try to contact a professional for help. However, if you must do the task, be very cautious, and maintain every safety precaution that comes to your mind.

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