How To Make a Roof Ladder Hook Work with a DIY Ladder?

It’s, of course, a pretty dangerous thing to work on the roof. And to make the process less hazardous, one can think about getting roof hooks. These are a fantastic option to add extra safety and avoid embarrassing moments in front of neighbors and friends.

Today let’s learn how to make a roof ladder hook work with your created ladder for roof working usages.

How to Make a Roof Ladder Hook

Basically, a roof hook lets your ladder to temporarily affix with the roof. So that you can easily climb on the surface that is enough stable. You are safe and know something is there to hold your stead. For a roof that has a lot of extreme pitch, this is certainly priority stuff to use.

Bring Some Materials for The Process.

For this tutorial, you will need two different size utility lumber. One is the 2 by 4-inch lumber and other one is 1 by 4 inches. You also need a circular saw, sawhorse, C-clamps, and square here. Get a wood chisel, screw gun with tips, and 1 ¼ inches wood screws.

Measurement & Cutting Phase.

You need to determine length between the landing and roof edge. Now simply add around 4 inches extra to this counted distance. You will next apply this measurement for cutting the 2-by-4 inches utility lumber.

Cut down two of such lumber pieces accurately and this works as the ladder rails length. On the sawhorse, you need to place these rails on edge and side by side. Use the clamps to secure each end of rails.

Now you will make some layout marks for ladder rungs. Simply begin from one end of the rails and keep making layout every twelve inches. To get the right marking 12 inches apart, you can use a builder’s square at this point.

You are going to use 1-by-4-inches utility lumber as the ladder rungs. So next, you will measure its width. For a standard utility ladder measurement, this width should be somewhat three and a half inches. You should keep making extra marks across the rail’s edges. This needs to be 3 ½ inches from each first mark you made.

Use the Circular Saw & Wood Chisel.

Now it’s time to bring the circular saw into some action. For this, you will first set the depth of blade according to 1-by-4 inches lumber’s thickness. It needs to be around ¾ inches considering the standard utility lumber.

At each rung mark, simply crosscut the rails using circular saw. Then you can get rid of the c-clamps. On the sawhorse, simply lay rails flat afterward.

You need to chip around three and a half inch-wide sections from each rail. To do so, simply use a wood chisel along with a hammer. You can work between the saw cuts using a chisel. And create ¾ inch rung recesses.

Keep a note of the total number of recesses in one rail. You need 16 inches long pieces from 1-by-4-inch lumber, as many as you can. This will work as ladder rungs.

Finishing Process.

Now let’s put those rails keeping 16 inches of apartness between. Make sure the recesses are facing up. In the recesses, simply lay ladder rungs. With rail’s outside edge, simply flush the ends. Use screw tips with the drill to attach these rungs to rail nicely. You can use the 1 ¼ inch wood screws here. On each end use a couple of screws. This will ensure a stable attachment.

Now figure out the position where ladder stands against your roof maintaining enough balance for climbing up. You need to cut down two extra pieces at this point. Use the 1-by-4-inch lumber again. These need to be 16 inches long. 

Use a pair of roof ladder hook next. This type of ladder stabilizer needs to be padded or made of a material that does less damage to roofing shingles. A ladder hook kit will help you here to get a nice and firm installation. Some kits also provide wheels to let the slid to ridge happen more gracefully.


Wingnuts are used to keep the hooks attach well with ladder’s top two rungs.
The roof ladder goes all way up to roof and lays around with wheels facing down. The wheels should not be knocking loosely. Instead, it needs to roll across the shingles or tiles.

If there’s a chimney or vent, then the ladder should be around two to three feet away. This provides enough turning over room as soon as you get it into position.

The wheels need to contact shingle’s top row. So, you need to push the ladder until that happens. The hook will face down once you turn it over. You can pull the ladder back and forth for a few times to secure hooks nicely.

Reverse the process once you are done with ladder. Push the ladder ahead for one or two inches. Then turn it over to make the wheels face roof. You need to lower it back on ground and so, roll it down the roof. A safety rope is going to help a lot at this step. So that you can easily raise and lower things

What Things Will You Need to Make a Roof Ladder Hook? 

Well, before you start your work of making a roof ladder hook, you're supposed to gather all the materials.

Let's see what things are necessary for that:

A stout steeled piece is one of the important things, and it has to be in a 3.8× 2 inches because that is the perfect measurement.

Moreover, you have to make sure that you have more than one piece because you will need them for each corner that touches the roof.

You will need a raber cutter to make essential cuts, and shapes; however, you must know how to operate that.

Please get a measuring tape for accurate measures before cutting, and setting anything.

Lumber pieces must hold the steel pieces in their places; get them in the right quantity.

A hammer, a circular saw, and a builder's square to have the work properly done; once you have all of these and some additional things to prepare roof ladder hooks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Roof Ladder Hook Legal?

If the ladder hook you have prepared can maintain all the safety standards provided by the local authority, it will be granted as a legal tool then.

How Does a Roof Hook Work?

Roof hooks have wheels & they can linger the ladder further without damaging the shingles, and securing the ladder on the roof surface.

What Can Be the Best Alternative for Handmade Roof Hook?

You can also purchase readymade roof hooks from the store instead of preparing handmade ones. You should check if those from the store are okay or not.


And that was all about how to make a roof ladder hook work with a ladder yourself. It’s not a very tough thing to do and anybody with basic ideas can try it for sure. Just make sure you are taking safety seriously when working on the roof. 

It’s going to be a pretty challenging task no matter how many times you have already climbed on your roof. It’s best to always be careful and keep things under control that way. Good Luck!

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