How To Make A Ladder- Making Process Of Different Ladders

Replacing a bulb, hanging a portrait, house painting, cleaning the roof or just storing away extra stuff- the jobs that require climbing- are difficult to do without a ladder. You can say, the ladder is one of the must-have household items and also in construction sites.

The good news is, you can make a ladder all by yourself, that too using some basic tools and materials. 

There is a lot of variety out there, serving different purposes. And their constructing process is also different from each other. To assist you in how to make a ladder, here we are presenting the building method of different ladders.

As the list consists of a good variety of ladder making process, hope there is something for you too.

How To Make A Ladder

How to make a loft ladder:

Providing safe and proficient access, easy to use and easy to install- for all these benefits loft ladders is one of the popular options. As they are to use daily, they shouldn’t be fragile, clumsy or uncomfortable. Their rungs need to be attached at an accurate angle, ensuring safety, sturdiness and easy accessibility. Wood is the most used material in a loft ladder. Here is how you can make a loft ladder easily:

Step 1:
Before you start making your loft ladder, determine the height you are would need in your ladder. To get that exact size, measure the distance from the loft to the ground. To this measurement, add a standard measurement of 12 inches. That would be the actual length of your ladder. 2* 4s is the standard size of the wood, but you can use a thicker one also.

Step 2:
After measuring properly, cut the side rails of the ladder. Now, proceed to the rungs. At first, decide how many rungs in what distance you want in your ladder. The standard distance between two rungs is approximately 10 inches. Now if you divide the total length of the ladder by 10, you would get the number of rungs you would need. Then, cut accordingly. As per the length of the rungs is concerned, how much space is available in your house- is a factor. However, the average size is 18 inches.

Step 3:
Now you will have to attach the rungs you have made already. And if the measurement is 2*4s, the rungs should be of 4”*18”. For attaching rungs, you will have to just put the rungs into position and attach to the sidebars. A deck screw or strong nail at the end of each end of the rungs will ensure the sturdiness of the ladder. Attach all the rungs using the same method.

Now your loft ladder is ready to use. But if you have a tight space in your home, you can turn it into a folding ladder. Folding loft ladder will help you save precious space. The steps to turn this loft ladder into folded one are:

  • Cut the ladder into two or three equal pieces. Then put these sections together using hinges. These hinges will let the ladder pieces to fold on the top of another.
  • After that, attach the longest section of the ladder on the door using a screw. This will allow the ladder to open from the ceiling. It will also fold up automatically whenever you push it onto the attic Ladder.

How to build a wooden step ladder:

Step ladders are very popular because of their usefulness and ease of use. Especially, if you don’t have a support to lean against, this option would be best for you. You can use them both for indoor or outdoor use as they can stand without any support by distributing their weight and balancing through a scissor movement. Wood is the ancient and most used material in a step ladder. Let’s know how to make a wooden step ladder.

Step 1:
First, decide your desired height you would like to have in your step ladder. You would need two wooden side pieces of that height. One of these would serve as the main support and another as the back support. Back support would include stretchers and butt joints. The steps of the ladder would be of flat wooden slabs that will be connected with the side supports. And the top of the ladder would be made of a larger wooden chunk. 

Step 2:
Now, cut off the wooden chunks according to your desired sizes with the help of a saw. Now, use a router to cut the rest of the parts of the ladder. Decide how many steps you want in what distance. Then cut the steps in the same measurement. You would also need some smaller pieces of wooden planks as the base of the support. 

Step 3:
Now, make holes on the side and back support of the ladder using a drill. Then cut the wood pieces and make the edges round so that you can easily attach them to the steps and back support’s foundation. Make sure the holes are of accurate sizes.

Step 4:
At this point, you would have to place the side supports and start attaching the parts. Now, attach the wooden steps to the supports accordingly. Also, attach the back support and its foundation.

Step 5:
Now, comes fixing the top of the ladder. Carefully, attach the top wood plank to the peak of the side and back support. Now you can use wooden pieces or nails to support the top. Connect the supports to the end of the top step and attach them together for ultimate safety. 

That’s it. Your step ladder is ready to use.

How to create a folding ladder:

Folding ladders are very effective to reach a height where you can place a traditional straight ladder. You can easily carry this folding ladder wherever you want. You can easily make one all by yourself using basic tools and available materials.

So, here we will show you how you can make a folding ladder from two straight ladders. You can choose your desired length for the ladders. Here we will use ladders measuring 6 foot. 

Step 1:
Place one of the ladders on the ground horizontally. Now start from the top of the ladder.

Step 2:
Now at this upper point place a 16-inch 2 by 4 section between the two sides. We will place this 2 by 4 section so that the depth of 4 inches adjust the width of the ladder. Then, attach two screws to each end so that 2 by 4 wood plank adjust with the ladder properly. 

Step 3:
Now place the second ladder at the upper side of the first ladder to create a length of 12 feet. Remove excessive gap by pressing top and foot of the ladders together.

Step 4:
Attach door hinges, measuring 2-inch to each intersection. Finally, attach two more 3 1/2 –inch screws to each hinge. These hinges will keep the ladder permanently connected.

The ladder is absolutely ready to use. By folding the top section over the bottom section, you can easily store it.

How to make a rope ladder:

Suppose you are at a campsite and you need a ladder for hiking or any other purpose where you can’t carry a traditional ladder, or you need one for a climbing tree house, rope ladder might be the best option for you under above circumstances. You won’t need any tool or extra substantial for making a rope ladder. Just one rope will serve the purpose though if you have two, it will be more convenient. So, now we will show you how to make a rope ladder using two ropes. Let’s proceed:

Step 1:
Let’s assume, you have two ropes of red and green color. Now, lay the green colored rope on the left and red colored rope on the right. So, start the first rung by making an “S” shape with red colored rope.

Step 2:
Now pass the green rope over the top rope of the red colored ‘S’. Then under the middle and bottom ropes of the ‘S’. At this point, you will have to wrap the green rope carefully around these three strands of the ‘S’. You will need 8 to 12 wraps. If you have a long rope you will wrap more times and if the length of the rope is not that much longer, fewer wraps will also serve the purpose. Actually, tightness and more wraps are for the strengthening of the ladder.

Anyway, when you have enough wraps step towards the working end of the green rope through the red loop penetrating out of the end of the rung. 

Step 3:
Now, turn to finish the rung. Tighten up the loop by pulling the red rope spiking out the left side of the rung. Now, the red rope will hold the blue one tight and thus the first rung is completed.

Step 4:
As the first rung completes, ropes also change their sides. Now following the same formula, create another rung. As now the ropes are on opposite side from the past, you will come down the green rope about the same space as the width of the first rung and make an ‘S’ in the same way. Pass the red rope over, under and below the green ‘S’. Now, pass this red wrapped rung through the green loop and fasten it by pulling the green end.

Step 5:
Now, repeat the same steps until the rope ends and you get your desired length. Your ladder is ready to use. Just make sure the rungs are fastened properly and there is no safety risk. You can carry this ladder with you anywhere and everywhere.


Where do you use a rope ladder?

The use of rope ladders is not done so often. So, you may be unable to see it. Rope ladders are primarily used in rescue missions.

Other than that, while climbing mountains, rope ladders are used. Also, you can find those on the construction side. Many use it while wiping the glasses in long towers. You can see it in movies or dramas as well.

Which ladder is best to use?

We will suggest you use a flexible ladder as it is portable and easy to use. You can also use a wooden ladder as it is strong enough to hold people.

There are several types of ladders you can find. You can use the ladder according to your choice.

How do you set up the ladder?

You can hold a ladder and set it up in the place you want. You can hold the ladder in place and spread it. You can make a small angle while placing it.

Don't place it in a slippery place; otherwise, it will fall. Make sure the ladder is not slippery either. Wipe it before using.

Can I rent a ladder?

You can also rent a ladder. It is even easier to buy one. It also costs less. You may need it frequently.

It won't cost much if you rent it. You should rather buy it as you can use it forever.

Do I need protection while using a ladder?

You should use one. If it is at home, you may not want to. Still, be careful while using it.

You may fall or break some bones otherwise. If you are ill or dizzy, it is better not to use it. If the ladder becomes slippery, it may injure the ligaments of the leg as well. So, be careful while using it.

All in all, all the varieties of the ladder here we have discussed here has own specialty and advantages. Each is the best for a particular situation. You can build all these ladders expertly following these simple guidelines. If you can learn to make all the ladders, you will remain a step forward whatever the situation is. You will be able to tackle the situation comfortably.

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