Best Step Ladders With Buying Guide

In order to change a lightbulb, reach the top shelf, clean the gutters on the rooftop, drill holes, or do any kind of home repairs or install new fittings, there is a good chance that you would need a ladder. But any ladder won’t do. You need the best step ladders out there.

Because ladders are an essential tool in construction work, crafting, and numerous other trades as well.

So, they must be durable, stable, and sturdy even after being used for a lengthy time frame. Such exceptional attributes can only be achieved by ladders that have a strong built and were designed with top-notch materials.

And, the sole purpose of our article is to introduce you to such ladders. Each of the products that we have reviewed quality products.And, we can confidently say that if you have any one of these masterpieces, you will fall in love with it.

Also, if you are one of them who think that step ladders are short ladders, then this article will prove you wrong. As some could go up to 20 feet in height! Well, enough of beating around the bush, let’s get started! 

Best Step Ladders

Our Top Choice

In our eyes, the top pick would be the little giant 13-foot multi-use ladder. With it, you get superior durability, sturdiness, stability, and so much more. Plus, the reach of the item is unparalleled. And, when it comes to the maximum weight capacity, the ladder surpasses most ladders with its 300-pound holding capacity.

Our Budget- Pick

However, when it comes to budget, we prefer Louisville Ladder's FS1404HD. The tool provides optimum reach and ensures sturdiness as well as stability that you would want in your ladder. And, it has an unparalleled and unmatched weight capacity of 375-pound, which puts it on a different class when it comes to weights.

Product Name

Size (Feet)

Weight (Pounds)

Dimensions (Inches)

Weight Capacity (pounds)


Little Giant Ladder 13-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

13-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder



8 x 23.5 x 43


Little Giant Alta One Type-1 Model 22-Foot Ladder

Little Giant 14016-001 Alta 1



26.9 x 7.3 x 67.4


Louisville Ladder FS2005 Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville FS2005



62 x 20 x 7


Louisville Ladder FS1502 Step Ladder

Louisville FS1502 



29 x 17 x8


Louisville Ladder FS1404HD 4-Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville FS1404HD



50 x 20 x 5.5


Xtend & Climb SL3HLight Slimline 3-Step Ladder

Xtend & Climb SL3HLight



17.3 x 26.5 x 48.4


Louisville Ladder FS4004

Louisville FS4004



7 x 19 x 50


Louisville Ladder 4-feet Fiberglass Step Ladder, L-3016-04

Louisville 4 ft L 3016-04



49 x 19.5 x 6.8


Little Giant Ladder System 12026 Revolution XE 26-Foot Multi-Use Ladder

Little Giant System 12026 Revolution XE



80 x 31 x 9


Top 9 Best Step Ladders 

The ladders that we have recommended here are considered to be the best in the business. And, here, you will see why these occupy such a high place in the ladder market.

#1. Little Giant Ladder 13-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Little Giant Ladder 13-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Superb design with high-quality material used in its construction, the Little Giant is a masterpiece. It comes with an aluminum body, which gives it the durability it needs to withstand all the immense stress from being used for prolonged periods. Furthermore, its dual-pin hinges provide the structure remarkable stability.

And that’s not all! When manufacturers were designing this gem, they decided to tweak the design of the ladder a little. Therefore, this little modification lets you use the ladder in five different ways, including an A-frame ladder mode, an extension ladder mode, and a staircase ladder mode. So, it is a five in one!

Also, when the little giant is fully extended, it can reach heights of up to 13-feet, approximately. In addition to all that, it offers convenient storage, and, due to its light build, carrying the tool to your work area is as easy as ABC. Hence, all these remarkable features make it one of the top rated step ladders.


  • Dual-pin hinges enhance the stability of the structure
  • The aluminum construction of the ladder provides remarkable durability
  • Can be folded, making it convenient to store
  • Fully extended, it can reach up to 13-feet


  • When fully extending the ladder, be careful as it can hurt your thumb

#2. Little Giant Alta One Type-1 Model 22-Foot Ladder

Little Giant Alta One Type-1 Model 22-Foot Ladder

Ironically, the Little Giant is not very little. When fully extended, the M22 becomes a behemoth that can reach up to 19-feet. This allows you to do all kinds of work, like cleaning the gutters or cleaning your rooftops with zero or minimum effort.

Now, for the build, the ladder was made with military-grade aluminum, giving it an amazing holding strength. To be precise, the ladder is capable to hold up to 250-pounds of weight, letting you do your work without worrying about the ladder giving up.

Also, storing the item is an easy task as you can fold it to 5-feet and 7-inches and can stash it anywhere in the workshop or garage.

Lastly, you can use the ladders an extension ladder that can reach lengths of about 11 to 19 and, also, can be converted into an A-frame ladder that can reach from 5 to 9 feet. Therefore, you can do multiple works with this ladder. 


  • Can be extended to up to 19-feet
  • Due to its lightweight build, storing the item is quite easy
  • Durable and sturdy aluminum was used to make this ladder
  • Is capable of withstanding up to 250-pound of weight


  • Can be quite expensive

#3. Louisville Ladder FS2005 Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder FS2005 Fiberglass Step Ladder

If you are looking for a ladder that guarantees sturdiness and stability, then FS2005 is going to be your best friend. Build with top-quality aluminum; the ladder is capable of withstanding 250-pounds of weight. So, there is no chance of the ladder breaking when you are on it.

And, when paired with its rubber band tipped legs that provide exceptional stability, makes it, arguably, best step ladders for home use. Moreover, the ladder comes with a feature called the pro-top. This will enable you to keep your tools close and use them whenever needed.

When it comes to the reach, the FS2005 is very impressive. When fully extended, it can reach up to 9.5-feet, which is more than enough for you to do all kinds of home repairs and fittings. Besides, due to its 5-feet length when folded, you can easily stash the ladder anywhere in your home.


  • Weighs only 5.4-pounds, which lets you carry it to your workstation with ease
  • When folded, it has a length of 5-feet, which is convenient for storing
  • Can reach lengths of up to 9.5-feet when fully extended
  • Comes with a Pro-Top holder that can accommodate most of your work tools


  • The hinges might get stuck if not folded properly

#4. Louisville Ladder FS1502 Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder FS1502 Step Ladder

Searching for a ladder that will let you reach those high shelves or drill holes in your home at reasonable pricing? Then Lousiville Ladder has the perfect product for you! Their FS1502 is non-conductive fiberglass, high-quality marvel that will hold its integrity even when subjected to the heaviest users.

That’s because the ladder is made with top-notch materials, which also gives it an extraordinary weight capacity of 300-pounds. Therefore, we are quite confident that the ladder will hold your weight no matter how big you are.

Moreover, the ladder weighs only about 8-pound, so carrying it is effortless. Furthermore, it comes with spreader braces that protect the whole tool when it is being transported. And, to top it all off, due to its low price, you can enjoy all these amazing attributes in the most reasonable costing.


  • Extremely sturdy and durable, giving it a maximum weight capacity of 300-pounds
  • Can be bought at the most reasonable prices
  • The stability of the ladder is off the charts 


  • Has a reach of only 2-feet so, not suitable for several types of projects

#5. Louisville Ladder FS1404HD 4-Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder FS1404HD 4-Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville ladders are known to be one of the best in the market. The company is renowned for making products that offer users amazing usability, top-notch performance as well as strong and durable build.

The maximum reach of the ladder is 7.11-feet, and when it is combined with is the unrealistic weight capacity of 375-pounds, it makes it the best household step ladder. Furthermore, carrying the ladder is like a walk in the park due to its light build (it weighs about 15-pounds), and storing it is also a very simple task.

If that is not enough for you, then the ladder comes with more features. A tray is located on the top of the ladder and, thus, enabling you to keep all your belongings in a place that is within your range.

And, the cherry of the top is its reasonable pricing. Therefore, when you can enjoy all these amazing features at such a price, it makes it one of the best cheap step ladders that you can have in your arsenal. 


  • Is capable of withstanding an immense load of 375-pounds
  • The mid-range ladder that can reach lengths of up to 7.11-feet
  • Made from durable aluminum and has great stability
  • Highly affordable


  • Avoid folding the ladders with too much force as it might dislocate the hinges

#6. Xtend & Climb SL3HLight Slimline 3-Step Ladder

Xtend & Climb SL3HLight Slimline 3-Step Ladder

If you desire a ladder that grants exceptional holding strength, then you have reached the jackpot! The SL3HLight from Xtend & Climb is made with innovative aerospace anodized aluminum, which gives it the added edge it needs in the strength department. Thus, enabling it to hold up to 225-pounds of weight.

Plus, the dimensions of the product are quite compact (especially in the folded state) so, you can effortlessly store it inside your storeroom or workplace without any effort. Also, the ladder weighs only about 10-pounds, permitting you to carry the beauty to your work area without any issue.

Besides, if you are wondering about the stability of the product, then we would gladly inform you that the ladder excels in that department as well. It comes with rubber surround legs, which not only increase the traction but also provide the stability that should be expected from a good quality ladder.


  • Superb weight capacity of 225-pound
  • Has sturdy build
  • Superb traction and stability are provided by its 4-rubber tipped legs
  • Due to its compact build, storing is quite uncomplicated


  • The screws need to be tightened from time to time

#7. Louisville Ladder FS4004

Louisville Ladder FS4004

You can always expect the best from Louisville ladders, and, with their FS4004, we guarantee that the item will not let you down! Build from fiberglass, the steps of the FS4004 is curved and designed in such a way that provides exceptional comfort for anyone who is using the ladder.

The ladder is also a two-in-one ladder, meaning you can fold it and use a 5-feet step ladder or extend it and use a 9.5-feet extension ladder. Thus, with this ladder, you can do all kinds of work without an issue. Furthermore, carrying the ladder is also a walk in the park due to its 11.15-pound weight, which is quite light.

Besides, storage of the ladder is an effortless task. This is because of its compact dimensions, which lets you stash the item in your storeroom, workshop, or garage with minimum or no effort. Additionally, its steel plating spreader braces prevent a user from being pinched. 


  • Double rivet hinges prevent accidents as well as provide extra stability
  • Pro-top design enables you to hold your utensils within your range
  • Lightweight yet has a sturdy build
  • Due to its compact size, storing is an uncomplicated task


  • The steps need to be screwed from time to time to prevent them from breaking

#8. Louisville Ladder 4-feet Fiberglass Step Ladder,     L-3016-04

Louisville Ladder 4-feet Fiberglass Step Ladder, L-3016-04

In the “ladder world," only a few ladders can match Louisville Ladders. And, the L-3016-04 is probably one of the best medium ladders that Louisville Ladder has ever build. This work-of-art is made with highly durable material that gives the ladder the capacity to hold an extreme weight of 300-pounds.

Also, in addition to its extreme durability, the ladder’s stability is extraordinary. All of its 4-legs have a rubber tip, these not only provide exceptional traction but provide it that superb stability that you would expect from your ladders. Therefore, if you have this ladder with you, you don’t have to worry about toppling over while using it.

Furthermore, the ladder is light that enables you to carry the masterpiece anywhere you want with minimum or no effort. Moreover, storing the product can become very convenient.


  • Offers exceptional reach
  • Durable build and storage enough to hold up to a staggering 300-pounds
  • Rubber tipped legs and numerous other features offer amazing stability


  • The ladder is not scratch resistant

#9. Little Giant Ladder System 12026 Revolution XE 26-Foot Multi-Use Ladder

Little Giant Ladder System 12026 Revolution XE 26-Foot Multi-Use Ladder

Little Gaint is known to have made some of the best products in the market and, their ladders are surely among their best products, especially the 12026 Revolution XE 26-foot. The Ladder is capable of reaching an extraordinary length of 25.1 feet. If you have this Giant, you won't be facing any problems regarding reach.

Also, the ladder can be used in different ways. Manufactures gave this a design that enables it to act as a step ladder as well as an extension ladder. Therefore, while you are using this beauty, you can different types of chores without having to wonder about the reach.

However, these are not all that this giant has to offer. Made from A-grade alloy that is 20% lighter than other metal but has the same dexterity and sturdiness, the ladder will support you during every project without fail.


  • Light yet durable build
  • Can reach to 25.1-feet (as an extension ladder) and 15.1-feet (as step ladder)
  • Can be used as an A-frame ladder, extension ladder, 90-degree ladder
  • Grants exceptional stability


  • Quite heavy so you might face difficulty while carrying the item

Buying Guide For Best Steps Ladders

When buying a ladder, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before you make the purchase. Confused about what they are? Read more to find out.

  • Build

If you end up buying a ladder that has a weak build, then you would have just wasted your precious time as well as money. Plus, we should mention ladders, in general, are not that cheap. So, we are quite sure that you do not want to go for a ladder that doesn't have that strong build.

One way to understand the build is by holding it. Holding a ladder should give you an idea of how strong is its construction. When you hold the ladder, if it feels wobbly, then we suggest that you should avoid it. Now, if it feels strong in your hand, check the materials used for its construction. Usually, aluminum ladders are the best option.

Another thing that you can check when buying a ladder that indicates a strong build and assures excellent durability is the load capacity. A ladder that has a high load capacity has to be strong and has to have a sturdy design so you can check that when you are buying a ladder.

  • Design

Now, the design is another feature that has to be checked before purchasing a ladder. A ladder that has any flaw in its design can be risky, and the structure could give up when you are using it. Thus, be sure to pick a ladder that does not come with such flaws.

Another thing about the design is that it can provide users with numerous advantages. We suggest that you go for a ladder that has been designed to act as a multi functional tool, meaning it should act like an A-frame ladder, a staircase ladder, extension ladder, etc. Therefore, reducing the need to purchase all of them separately.

  • Stability

Imagine climbing the ladder that you have recently bought, and it wobbles. You made sure that it had a durable and sturdy built, but it still wobbles. The problem lies in the stability of the ladder and is another aspect that needs to be checked before it is bought.

In order to avoid such a situation, we suggest that you climb the ladder once before buying it. Also, make sure that the hinges are perfectly fixed, which will give your ladder the stability you are looking for. Additionally, go for a ladder that has rubber banded legs as that increases the stability and traction of the ladder even further. 

  • Price

After you are done checking everything like durability, stability, design, and numerous other features, it is time to purchase the tool. Now, you see that the ladder is way more expensive than you thought but, you overshoot your budget and still buy it. Avoid that!

Spend your money wisely, as that might let you do other shopping as well. Therefore, before the buying process, make a budget. Stick to it strictly! Besides, you will find a lot of top-notch ladders that are not expensive and will still give you the performance and support you are expecting from the tool.


Step Ladders were made to bring more comfort in works that require you to work from a high place. However, that's not the only convenience a stepladder offers. There are some other features as well that make a ladder better than the other.

Although all of the features are not found directly in one stepladder, you need to search for a ladder containing most of the features below.

Foldable Design

Tool Tray


Side Rails

Non-Marring Tips Leg

Anti-Skid Steps Tread


Look for a more durable stepladder because this feature is what matters most. What's the point of buying a stepladder that cannot provide you service for a more extended period? Now you may think about how you can know which ladder is more durable.

The first way is to check which material was used to produce it. Go for step ladders that are made using aluminum, steel, fiberglass. The second thing is the bladder's capacity. The more capacity a stepladder has, the more durable it is.


You should never neglect your safety. Therefore, It's a must to get yourself a stepladder with safety specifications.

Purchase such a ladder that meets the standard specification requirements given by (ANSI) American National Standard Institute or (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Follow These Steps To Use A Step Ladder

Using a stepladder seems way simple, but the truth is you must follow some rules while using it, or else you can get yourself into trouble.

However, remembering and following them is quite an easy job. Hence, let's take a look at the steps you should follow to use a stepladder.

  1. There is a load rating marked over the stepladder. Keep in mind that the rating should cover the tool's weight and the person's weight.
  2. Understand which is the highest point you want to reach and always get stepladders 3f shorter at least than the point. It helps to achieve a more stable and broader base.
  3. Avoid using ladders with cracks, corroded or loose rivets, defective parts or braces, and ladders that have any kind of slippery substances like oil.
  4. Every time you are about to use a stepladder, open the shelf and spreaders totally, then lock up the braces.
  5. Check the balance. Make sure the ladder feet are on a surface that is not slippery, level, and firm.
  6. Place your stepladder in the correct direction that your work requires. Let either the back or front side of the ladder face to the direction you want to work.
  7. Keep it near to the place you will work.
  8. Do not go pulling or pushing a ladder from its side, or else the ladder will get wobbly since their weaker parts are both sides.
  9. Whenever you need to climb upwards or downwards, always face the ladder. Keep in the center between the side rails.
  10. Hold on firmly the stepladder grip to climb down or up using the hands every time.

Avoid These To Use A Stepladder

We mistakenly do some actions that put us in problematic situations when using ladders.  That's why we must know the things we should avoid using a stepladder. So let's get to know them one by one.

  1. Avoid overreaching. When you need the ladder to be moved, move it.
  2. Don't try to walk or shift the step ladder while you are standing over it.
  3. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to climb, stand, or sit over the step ladder's pail shelf or top part.
  4. Avoid standing over the two rungs at the top because standing there will create imbalance, and the stepladder will fall.
  5. One person should use a stepladder only at a time.
  6. Never think of the stepladder as a work platform support.
  7. Whenever you see the ladder is not straight, instead lend against the wall, don't use it that way.
  8. Always avoid using the ladder on slippery surfaces
  9. Do not use your stepladder at places where the ground is soft and slippery
  10. Avoid placing your stepladder on something else like unstable bases, boxes, barrels, etc., to achieve additional height.
  11. Never climb on the back part of the ladder
  12. Never pull or push the sideways stepladder
  13. Always keep in mind to place your ladder at places where a person or vehicle will not go through and hit it. Even if you have no choice, make sure to shut the room's door or create a solid barrier to keep yourself and the ladder safe.


Can step ladders be used as straight ladders?

Stepladders can be used as straight ladders, too, but there is something you must know.

(Osha) Occupational Safety and Health Administration discussed this and said the stepladders should be used as straight ladders only when the desired work requires any of them.

Is it safe to use the top two steps of a step ladder?

No, it's not safe to stand on the top steps of a step ladder. The main reason is standing there will create an imbalance, increasing the risk of falling off from it by over 90 percent.

But, of course, you don't want to hurt yourself that bad. So, always avoid using the top two steps of a ladder.

Are your step ladders safe?

Step ladders are safe for use when you follow each of the rules of using a step ladder. Plus, it's comfortable to use too. Finally, it makes it easier for us to work from a higher place.

What is the maximum height you can work from a ladder?

Although the maximum height to work from a ladder is not specified. But there is a range one must not cross, especially when the base where the ladder is standing is not strong enough.

For example, if you are working from a distance of 9 meters long, the ladder will lose its balance without a robust platform.

How high can you climb on a step ladder?

You can climb on a step ladder only for 2 ft or a little more than this. If you go higher than 2 ft, your ladder may fail to stand still and keep shaking while you are working.

 This way, you cannot perform your job correctly. That's why always try to keep yourself standing on a ladder in between 2 ft.

Final Words

By now, it should be quite obvious that buying a ladder is not that complicated. You just need to know what you are expecting from your ladders. Hopefully, our article has helped you find the best step ladder according to your requirements.

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