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Stephen Colbert is a specialist in avionics technology. He has been involved in avionics technology since 1993. He spent more than 15 years writing about high tech gadgets. Numerous publications have interviewed him. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge.

Best Ladder: Choose Wisely in 2020

best ladders

Need to reach your cabinets that are high out of reach? Or need to change light, ceiling fans, cleaning out your gutters outside?You always know to do these jobs how you’re in need of Best Ladders (whether it step ladder or extension ladder) around.We know you’d compromise anything for making the best buying decision for […]

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How to Set Up a Ladder


Why Ladder Set Up is Important?Each year thousands of people are injured in accidents or falls from ladders because of no knowledge or short knowledge about how to set up a ladder. The United States is leading in deaths caused by ladders and most of these are from falls of 10ft or less. At minimum […]

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How to Tie Off a Ladder for Safety


Experts from the offices of Occupational Health and Safety say ladder accidents occur because of complacency. They add that accidents diminish if the person using the ladder thinks about what he or she is doing, considers what could take place in every situation, and takes precautions before beginning the project. People often forget that ladders […]

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What Size Ladder for 2 Story House


Ladders come in different size and load ratings. In general, ladders sizes vary from two to forty feet.Having a suitable type and right size ladder gives you greater flexibility and comfort while working. So, it’s essential to choose a ladder wisely by thinking about the sites and home you work on.“What size ladder do I need”- […]

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How to Use an Extension Ladder

How to Use Extension Ladder

An extension ladder is a convenient way to reach great heights. But ladder falls and serious injuries resulting from the misuse of extension ladders are very common.Ladder-related injuries are among the most common accidents that you can prevent easily. To prevent these accidents, it’s important to know how to use an extension ladder safely.In this […]

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