Best Ladder Reviews 2018-Ultimate Buying Guide

There are so many reasons as to why we always are in need of ladders, and inside of our homes is a main area that we use them. Step ladders help us to reach our cabinets that are high out of reach, changing light, bulbs, ceiling fans, cleaning out our gutters outside, and even if we are painting or decorating our home. Having a ladder right within your reach is beneficial. We understand, most of the people has not enough time to search the affordable and Quality ladder. Yes! For this reason, we have made a Best Ladder Reviews which you can buy right now.

We can simply grab our step ladder, or a regular ladder, and get the job done that we are trying to accomplish. Without ladders we wouldn't be able to do these types of projects, and this is why having a ladder in your home is a very good idea. Another great ladder is extension ladder which can be used for home or outside anywhere for any types of work. This is the most popular ladder in the market. So, when you are in search of a handy ladder in your home, office or wherever you need there are a variety of the ladders that you can find on the market that are going to give you everything you are looking for.

Top 10 Best Ladder 2018 Comparison Chart






Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound Duty Rating Adjustable Step ladder

5-8 Feet


60.6 x 27.6 x 8.3

28 Feet


7.2 x 18.5 x 172

3 Step


2.9 x 21 x 48

15 Feet


27 x 8 x 56

13 Feet


6.2 x 16.4 x 8.2

3 Setp


43.1 x 21.9 x 4.9

4 Step


56 x 20 x 2

5 Feet


63.8 x 20.7 x 5.1

3 Step


21.3 x 31.1 x 55.4

12.5 Feet


42 x 15 x 12

1.) Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound Duty Rating Adjustable Step ladder

Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound Duty Rating Adjustable Step ladder

One of the best ladder that you will find online is the Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound Duty Rating Adjustable Step Ladder. It has soft-touch push knobs that make it easy to open and use. Safe to use on staircases and uneven surfaces. With the heavy-duty, non-marring, and double riveting steps, this ladder is completely slip resistant. The 120 sq. in. comfortable standing platform works at any height between 5 ft and 8 ft. Not only 5-8 feet it is available 6-10 feet as well.

AirDeck work station provides extra stability and comfort when working at heights. This means that the Adjustable Step ladder may very well be the only ladder that you might every need. It is a durable and safe ladder as well. I would highly recommend this Adjustable Step ladder for anyone who is looking to accomplish big or small tasks, because this is a ladder that is perfect for anyone who is looking for a basic step ladder in their home.


  • Stepladder height – 5-8 feet
  • Slip-resistant
  • Soft-touch push knobs
  • Lightweight and easy to move with Tip & Glide wheels
  • Durable and Safe
  • High quality
  • Stays in place


  • Available 10 feet in height only

2.) Louisville Ladder FE3228-E03 Fiberglass Extension Ladder with Cable Hook and V-Rung Attached, 28 Feet, 300 Pound Duty Rating

Louisville Ladder FE3228 Fiberglass Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity, 28-Feet

If you are looking to find a heavy duty ladder that has the ability to handle tough jobs such as electrical, residential jobs, and utility jobs, then the Louisville ladder is the one for you. The D shaped rungs give you the safest slip resistance that you could hope to find in a ladder. It has protection on the ends, and this prevents any damage from happening to the surface that the ladder sits on, and the ladder itself as well. It comes equipped with slide guides to prevent over extension while you are using the ladder.

This ladder is a perfect choice to make for individuals who are looking to take care of bigger jobs that are needed to be accomplished around the outside and inside of a home. There are several different features that the Louisville Ladder comes equipped with that give it the high ratings that it has received. I would suggest the Louisville Ladder to anyone looking for safety, slip-resistant, and a durable ladder that is able to give you the results that you need to finish any type of big or small jobs. With the many beneficial aspects and features of this specific ladder, you will be be able to get the job done right each and every time that you use it.


  • Mar-resistant end caps
  • Rung lock that quickly latches
  • Slide guides
  • Steel safety shoe with metal shield
  • D-shaped rungs
  • 28 foot
  • High quality
  • Heavy duty
  • Decent price
  • Stable and sturdy


  • Heavy and delivery can cause some damage because of the size

3.) Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool with Hand Grip and Plastic Steps, 200-Pound Capacity, Silver Finish

Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool with Hand Grip and Plastic Steps, 200-Pound Capacity, Silver Finish

The Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding Steel Frame Stool is the perfect ladder for anyone who is looking to have access to the high places, and out of reach places, of their home. It gives you comfort and relief in knowing that the steel frame and the rubber grips, give you the safety that you need when you are using it. The Rubbermaid Company has been a popular for several individuals, and their safety in the items that they make are what they are known for.

This ladder has a large standing platform that will lock in place, allowing you to feel safe each and every time that you use it. The features that it comes equipped with give it the high quality functioning that it has. It is easy to see why this ladder is considered to be one of the best ladders that can be purchased in the market. If you are looking for a ladder that is easy to store, easy and safe to use, can hold up to 200 pounds of weight, and is incredibly sturdy and durable, then the Rubbermaid Steel Frame Stool is the one that I would recommend for you to purchase and use.


  • Type 3 duty rating
  • 200-pound load capacity
  • Folding ladder with 3 steps
  • Steel frame stool
  • Sturdy and large steps
  • 27.25 inch standing height
  • Silver finish
  • Conveniently compact
  • Safe and Durable
  • Portable
  • Highly recommended ladder


  • Bulky

4.) Little Giant 14013-001 Model 17 250 Lbs Capacity Alta-One Ladder, 15 Feet

Little Giant 14013-001 Model 17 250 Lbs Capacity Alta-One Ladder, 15 Feet,

The Little Giant Alta-One Ladder is the absolute in durability, strength, and safety as well. It is incredibly lightweight, which makes it easy to use for any project that you might need it. Even though it has this lightweight feature to it, it is a very sturdy and safe ladder to use. The adjustable extension allows you to change this ladder from a staircase ladder, an A-frame ladder, and as a trestle-and-plank scaffolding system. The feet on this ladder are rubberized and it was designed with wide-flared legs to keep it sturdy and safe for you to use.

It has the ability to hold up to 250 lbs. of weight on either side that you are using it. The Little Giant Ladder is the perfect one to use for any type of medium sized jobs that you might need to take on. My expert opinion on the Little Giant Alta-One Ladder, is that it is perfect for several different types of jobs. It will help you in so many projects, and give you the safety and strength that you will depend on to get you through each job. With so many beneficial aspects that come equipped with this ladder, it isn't hard to see why this specific item is highly recommended with the best ratings.


  • Triple locking hinge
  • Heavy wall aluminium construction
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Equipped with multiple configurations
  • Complies with OSHA and ANSI A14.2 standards
  • 90-degree ladder
  • Holds up to 250 lbs.
  • Several options
  • Very stable
  • Adjustable sides make it incredibly useful
  • Replaces a short extension ladder
  • Rungs are handy to have


  • Very heavy to carry

5.) Kidde KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs, 13-Foot

Kidde KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs, 13-Foot

The 13-foot Kidde Fire Escape Ladder has the ability to offer you an escape out of 3rd and 4th floors. If there is an emergency of some sort, and you are needing to escape out of a window, then this escape ladder is the one that will be able to be trusted to get you to safety.

This Kidde Escape Ladder is able to hang off of the side of several different types of windows, and it is a tangle-free ladder as well. This ensures that you, and anyone else that might be in the house with you, can safely exit the home or building quickly and efficiently. It can support up to 1,000 lbs of weight, which is beneficial for emergency escapes. This ladder is incredibly quick and easy to use, which means you have less to worry about when it comes to trying to get to safety as quickly as you can.

So, if you are looking for a ladder that is going to be ready to use at any time, doesn't require any tools, attaches quickly to windows, and is able to help you escape your home in case of an emergency, then I would recommend you consider purchasing the Kidde KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder. It is going to allow you to escape safely and sufficiently in any type of emergency that you might have. It is always nice to be able to depend on a ladder that can will help you, and anyone in your home, to arrive to a safe place in the event of an emergency.


  • 13 feet in length
  • Anti-slip rungs
  • Holds up to 1,000 lbs
  • 5-years warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Quickly deploying action
  • Strong and durable
  • Ready to use, and it doesn’t need any tools
  • Attaches quickly to most windows
  • Incredibly safe to use


  • Child might not be able to lift it in an emergency

6.) Little Giant, 3 step, Aluminum, 2-1/4 Feet, 300 lb. Capacity Stepladder

Little Giant, 3 step, Aluminum, 2-14 Feet, 300 lb. Capacity Stepladder

When you are looking for a ladder that is incredibly simple to use and has an enormous amount of strength, then the Little Giant Capacity Stepladder is the choice to make. The steps have been uniquely designed for comfort and stability, and this makes it even easier to use. It is so easy to use, that you can even open and close ladder with a single hand. Once you have closed this stepladder, you can store it literally anywhere.

It was designed incredibly thin, and this gives you the ability to never have a problem finding a place to keep it. Each individual steps has been designed with a strong durability, and is able to hold up to 300 pounds. The Little Giant Stepladder is so convenient to use, that you can use it for the lightest housework jobs, and even for the toughest and more complicated jobs that you need it for. There are a variety of features that come equipped with this stepladder, and they are what give it the high ratings that it has received for many satisfied customers. I would suggest that if you are looking for an incredibly sturdy, comfortable, slip-resistant, and can handle the biggest and smallest of jobs, then the Little Giant Capacity Stepladder is the perfect choice for you to make.


  • Wide and slip-resistant steps
  • 300 lb. capacity
  • Constructed of rugged aircraft-grade aluminium
  • 5 1/2 storage depth
  • 9 inch wide steps
  • Fold-away handrail
  • Handy tool tray
  • Very sturdy and Comfortable
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Safe and Durable


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Difficult to open and close

7.) VonHaus Steel Folding Portable 4 Step Ladder with 330lbs Capacity

VonHaus Steel Folding Portable 4 Step Ladder with 330lbs Capacity

The VonHaus Steel Folding Portable Step Ladder is the perfect step ladder to use for several different jobs that you might need it for. You will be able to rely fully, on this ladder, to help you achieve accomplishing the jobs that you set out to complete. It is a practical purchase, and it has been specifically designed for safety with the slip-resistant features that have been added into it. This ladder is incredibly lightweight when you are moving it around, however, it is highly durable and sturdy whenever you are using it. There are protective covers on the bottom of the legs to this step ladder, and this prevents any damage to the surface of the floor that it is sitting on.

So, when you are looking for a step ladder to use around the house and help you get your projects finished successfully, this is the ladder to purchase. Making this step ladder an addition within your home, is a smart and safe decision to make. The features of the VonHaus Step Ladder, are what give it the unique abilities that it has to offer. I would recommend this ladder to any, especially if you are needing something that is portable, reliable, sturdy, and safe for you or anyone who is going to use it. It will be able to help you accomplish many different types of jobs. Especially with the strong steel construction build into it, and the non-slip rubber on the bottom of the feet, you will be able to achieve any task or project that you are looking to accomplish.


  • 7.9 X 11.9-inch steps
  • Strong steel construction with powder coating
  • 330 lb. maximum load capacity
  • Large non-slip rubber feet on the legs
  • 4 wide steps
  • Portable and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Safe and practical
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to fold
  • Compact size


  • Doesn’t fully expand by hand, requires some force
  • Heavy

8.) Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating Platform Stepladder, 5-Foot

Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating Platform Stepladder, 5-Foot

When it comes to step ladders, most of them have been designed and engineered in an inexpensive way, which means safety might not be included. However, with the Flip-N-Lite Stepladder it was engineered and designed in an inexpensive process, but safety is the key important ingredient that has been included. So, the ladder is incredibly inexpensive to purchase, but you will still find that it is incredibly safe to use. The platform that was designed into this ladder, gives you the sturdy composition that you would hope to find. Constructed with extra heavy duty capabilities, yet it has an incredibly slim design. This gives you the ability to be able to store it wherever you are needing to.

It is the perfect ladder for any individual, whether you are needing it for simple and easy jobs at home, are if you are going to be using it for heavy duty complicated jobs as well. This is a step ladder that will give you safety, comfort, durability, and the results that you are looking to find. There are different features that come equipped with this step ladder, and it is easy to see where it gets the high ratings and recommendations of the several satisfied customers who have used it. In my expert opinion, the Flip-N-Lite Platform Stepladder is the best ladder to choose from on the market. With it's very slim and small profile, the comfortable platform, industrial-rated construction build, and the 3 folding steps make this ladder an incredibly recommended one to use.


  • Slim profile
  • Comfortable standing platform
  • Silver in color
  • 3 folding steps
  • Rust-resistant
  • 5.32 feet in height
  • Weighs 12 lbs.
  • Industrial-rated construction
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy storage and transport
  • Comfortable to stand on
  • Slip-resistant
  • Extra heavy duty performance


  • Wobbly
  • Steps are wide apart, and it takes wide steps to reach each one

9.) Cosco Three Step Max Steel Work Platform

Cosco Three Step Max Steel Work Platform

The Cosco Three Step Max Steel Work Platform is an incredibly convenient ladder to use for any type of easy or difficult jobs that you are needing to accomplish. It has been uniquely designed with durability and strength, so this means that you are able to keep and use this ladder for several years to come in the future. It gives you the comfort you need to help you to focus on the project that you are needing to focus on.

This ladder allows you to reach up to your ceiling, even if you have high ceilings in your home. It is very sturdy, and when you have finished using it, it simply folds up and can be stored in slim spaces. The Cosco Three Step Work Platform is very easy to use, easy to storm, convenient for big or small jobs, sturdy and reliable, and will help you to get the job done that you are looking to accomplish. There are a number of features that give the Cosco Work Platform the positive ratings that it has received, and there are many beneficial aspects that come equipped with this Work Platform.

I would suggest this ladder to anyone who is looking for safety and durability. The skid and slip-resistant qualities, the incredibly sturdy and strong ability, and the fact that it is incredibly safe to use, makes this ladder one of the most popular ones that you can purchase on the market.


  • Non-marring and skid-resistant glide and legs
  • Imported
  • Molded utility tray
  • ANSI type 11 duty rated
  • One hand lock and fold release
  • Slip-resistant step treads
  • Durable and strong
  • Perfect size
  • Easy to use
  • Slip-resistant
  • Wide and sturdy steps
  • Light-weight


  • No grips on the bottom of the legs

10.) OxGord Aluminum Folding Scaffold Multi-Purpose Ladder 12.5-Feet/300 Lbs.

OxGord Aluminum Folding Scaffold Multi-Purpose Ladder 12.5-Feet 350 lb

The OxGord Aluminum Folding Scaffold Ladder is a multi-purpose one. This means that you can use it as more than one type of ladder, and you can use it for many different types of ladders that you might be needing. It is able to transform from a twin step ladder, a telescopic ladder, a stairway step ladder, and it even has two scaffold bases to it as well. If you are looking to be able to accomplish jobs, or projects, that you can do inside of the house and outside of the house, then this ladder is perfect for you to choose.

One of the beneficial aspects to this ladder, is that you are able to use this good sized piece of equipment, however, it is able to be stored for easily and it doesn't take up much storage space. It is also an inexpensive ladder as well, and this is beneficial to the user who is in need of the perfect ladder for their home. The OxGord Aluminum Folding Scaffold Multi-Purpose Ladder is a highly rated, highly recommended, and a favorite among many of the satisfied customers who have purchased it. It is a heavy duty, reliable, and durable ladder to have in your possession.

There are so many beneficial aspects and beneficial features that come equipped with this ladder, and they are the main reason as to why this item is a highly sought after one on the market. For anyone looking for a high quality ladder, that has a variety of different positions, designed with telescopic materials, and has been developed with safety features, then I would recommend the OxGord Aluminum Folding Scaffold Ladder to anyone who is looking.


  • 7 different uses
  • Hinges that lock automatically into position once the ladder has been unfolded
  • 12.5 feet in height
  • Aluminum telescopic materials
  • 70 lb. ladder
  • Holds up to 350 lbs.
  • Built for maximum loads
  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple positions
  • 98% assembled
  • Perfect fit for storage
  • Durable
  • Strong and reliable
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy
  • Locks are difficult to manoeuvre

Best Ladder Buying Guide

Different Ladders for Different Projects

Ladders are one of the most important things to have in your home, they can be used for several things such as home improvement projects that involve installing a chandelier or painting a ceiling, even something as simple as changing a light bulb may require the use of a ladder. However, there are several types of ladders on the market, and each one can be used for different things. You want to always ensure that you purchase the ladder that is most suitable for the job in which you need it for. Ladder buying guide will help you learn how to buy ladders as you required.

Step Ladders

The most well-known type of ladder is the step ladder. In fact, this ladder can be found in the majority of American households. It is used to reach heights between 7ft. to 20ft. depending on the height of the step ladder itself. A taller step ladder will reach a higher height than a smaller stepladder. For example, a three-foot step ladder will reach a height of seven feet, whereas a sixteen-foot step ladder will reach a height of twenty feet. Step ladders, unlike extension ladders, can support themselves which makes them the most common ladder choice for everyday household tasks.

Straight Ladders & Extension Ladders

These ladders are most commonly used for outdoor work, which can consist of anything from roof work to cutting down the tops of large trees or even performing electrical construction tasks. This ladder is used to reach heights between 15ft. to 37ft., once again depending on the height of the ladder itself. Straight ladders are not adjustable and come as one set size, meaning that they may only be able to be used for certain projects.

However, this ladders are adjustable and have a number of movable sections to either increase or decrease the size of the ladder based on the project and the height that it needs to reach. Therefore, this ladders are purchased more because they can be used for a variety of tasks, unlike the straight ladder. You will find top 7 best extension ladders for 2018 from this article.


Ladders are mostly made of three types of materials, aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages and the material of the ladder used should definitely depend on the task that the ladder will be used for. Aluminum ladders tend to weigh less, making them easier to transport and carry. They also do not corrode which means they are an ideal ladder for homeowners who want to purchase one ladder to have for a few years. However, aluminum does conduct electricity so it would not be ideal for any electrical purpose or any electrical jobs.

Opposite of aluminum though, fiberglass ladders do not conduct electricity and would be the ideal ladder for any electrical related tasks. They are also very durable much like aluminum and will last for several years at a time, making them a very good buy. Wood ladders, like fiberglass, are also non-conductive but some do come with metal fasteners making them an unsafe choice for electrical work. They are very economical but not as good of a choice as aluminum or fiberglass ladders and they will not last as long either because they are easily damaged.

Load Capacities

Every ladder has a certain weight capacity that is based on its duty rating, and this rating is posted on the ladder. Looking at the duty rating is another factor that will be imperative in deciding what kind of ladder an individual will need. Ladders being used for just general household use, fall under household duty and support a weight of up to 200lbs maximum. The next level up after that is professional duty ladders which are commonly used for those professions such as a handyman or commercial painter, they hold a maximum of 225lbs.

Commercial duty and industrial duty ladders are both used for mainly industrial applications, making them very similar, however, they have a difference of 50lbs when it comes to the maximum weight that they are able to hold. Commercial duty ladders can only hold up to 250lbs., while industrial ladders hold up to 300lbs. The final duty rating for ladders is known as a special duty, these ladders are used for high-impact industrial or professional use and can hold a maximum of 375lbs.

Ladder Safety Tips

To prevent injuries or accidents from occurring it is imperative to follow every ladder safety precaution and be as careful as possible. Thousands of people are injured in accidents or falls involving ladders every year, and these safety precautions help to prevent that from happening.

  1. When climbing the ladder, you should always be facing it.
  2. Never carry materials up the ladder in your hands, always have them in a pouch or an apron.
  3. For items that are larger and weigh more, a rope and bucket should be used to pull them up once you are already at the top of the ladder.
  4. Never lean on the side of the ladder that is an easy way to fall off and injure yourself.
  5. Never go up on a ladder when the wind current is high, the ladder can easily be blown away and you will go with it.
  6. When using a Step Ladder, make sure that it is completely opened up with its hinges locked before stepping on it.
  7. When using adjustable ladders, double and triple check that the locks are secure so that the ladder does not all of the sudden goes down and take you with it.
  8. Inspect your ladder regularly for any dents, loose hinges or bolts, cracks, and sharp edges.
  9. Never use a damaged ladder or a ladder that appears to be unsafe, if it looks to be a potential hazard, then it most likely is.
  10. Ladders should only be used on level surfaces to prevent leaning or unsteadiness.
  11. Don’t use ladders in icy or snowy weather or when the ladder is wet, it easy for you to slip and injure yourself this way.
  12. Observe the weight limits that are posted on the ladders before purchasing them to ensure that they are a good fit for the task that you require of them.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a ladder that is going to help you accomplish a variety of projects and jobs, then these different Best ladders Reviews listed above, are the ones to choose from. They will give you everything that you are looking for in step ladders. They will give you the comfort in knowing that they are incredibly safe to use. There are plenty of beneficial aspects that come equipped with these specific ladders, and they will give every reason to purchase one of them. If you are looking to find the most professional types of step ladders, you won't be able to find any that are better than these.

It is important to be sure that when you are looking for a very useful ladder, that you do plenty of research on them. You will want to find durability, strength, comfort, reliability, and safety when it comes to using one of these ladders. It is prudent to be able to find a ladder that you are going to be able to depend on to help you accomplish all of your projects and tasks that you are needing to complete.If you’re in search of a lightweight, portable option, go for the best quality telescopic ladders at toolwinner.